Ordinary Times Call For Ordinary Measures

Pork Chops alla Milanese 0

Pork Chops alla Milanese

The Italians have cotoletta alla Milanese and the Austrians have Wiener schnitzel. So let’s make Pork Chops alla Milanese

Trump 2

Bad News for Trump But No Arrest (Yet)

The Former Guy has not been indicted, did not do a perp walk, and there is still no indication from anyone other than Trump himself that any such action is imminent.


Byrd Cage

Discussing dinner invitations.

illumination 5

An Unexpected Illumination

I saw several young men who were related to me only via my bank account, all peering into the sky through that hole.

Delmore Schwartz 0

POETS Day! Delmore Schwartz

I can’t speak to Delmore Schwartz’s entire body of work, but of the poems I’ve come across, this seems the best and most complete convergence of the themes I mentioned above.