Ordinary Times Call For Ordinary Measures

Robert Conquest 0

POETS Day! Robert Conquest

You’d think someone immersed in the horrors of the 20th century would hold a lesser opinion of man and beauty and hope. But then Robert Conquest does this

Supreme Court 74

The Fickle Nature of Supreme Court Rule

The Supreme Court is likely to enshrine conservative ideas for the next generation. But conservatives need to also be aware of the finite nature of their newfound power.

solace 2

Find Brief Solace

Feeling overwhelming rage over the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade? Wiliam Wordsworth has some advice.


The Beach

Onward to summer!

dobbs 60

Monday Morning Dobbs in America

Taking stock of where we are at post-Dobbs on the legal side of things outside the news media and online cacophony.

mary miller 35

Maybe Some More Than Others

As for Rep Mary Miller, the decisive factor for me with regard to whether it was a simple misspoken word involves a previous incident


The Deadline

Ain’t It a Grand and Glorious Thing?

Kaiju 3

Kaiju and the Problem Of Evil

I do believe there are some crucial connections between Tsuburaya’s work on Kaiju, Godzilla, the Ultraman franchise, and Catholic theology


Wifely Duties

The wide has to stand for an awful lot of golf.