Ordinary Times Call For Ordinary Measures


The Oyster Stew

Movie of a man and an oyster stew.

Truth 121

Make Truth Self-Evident Again

It’s time to teach our children how to face reality, and that truth is still objective, whether you like it or not

advent 1

OT Advent Calendar (& Hanukah!) Day 1

Todays OT Advent Calendar songs are “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Moaz Tzur,” also known as “Rock of Ages.”

y'all 8

Resistance Is Futile, Y’all

The world has discovered “y’all” and they like what they hear. So all y’alls now want in on what some of us have been doing all along.

Mike Pence 0

The Time Mike Pence Saved Christmas

The following story is meant as humor. As far as we know Mike Pence does not do a spot-on Elmo impression when he has two lungsful of helium.

The Beatles: Get Back 2

The Parable of The Beatles: Get Back

Peter Jackson treats “The Beatles: Get Back” as close to unfiltered as a project that might be the most digitally filtered ever can be.

Justice 8

Nine Days Of American Justice

Burt Likko reviews a tumultuous week and a half in America’s justice system, and muses about its larger implications.

American Bacchanal 1

Giving Thanks for the American Bacchanal

As we prepare for the inauguration of the six-week American bacchanal, running over children and old ladies for the last bottle of brandy to pour over the last bag of off-brand cranberries

Democrats 139

Yes, Democrats Do Have to Be Perfect

Double standards are a fact of political life. Democrats must learn how to navigate them if they hope to avoid McAuliffe’s fate